The world's easiest communication solutions.

Steve Jobs used to assert that making something hard to use is easy. Making something easy to use is hard. He wasn't kidding and certainly knew what he was talking about.

The Foxie superstructure was born from more than 15 years intensive development, focused on bringing the massive capabilities of interpretive AI, the scalability and security of medical-grade cloud systems and AI-enhanced research analytics to everyone. With Foxie apps, you won't find endless and complicated menu systems. Or hundreds of useless reports with volumes of incomprehensible data. Or ridiculous sets of features that are confusing and you'll never use. Let's talk about systems that are perfectly tailored to your business needs, a crisp set of reports and analytics that provide real, actionable information and only purchasing the things you want and need. That's what it means to be the World's Easiest Communications Solutions℠.

White glove, U.S. based development, customer care and operations.

With 24xForever customer service, provided by staff based all over the United States, you'll never feel alone.

It may sound cliché, but at Foxie, your success is truly our mission. And there's a strong business reason for that; Our dedicated and loyal clientele know that we're on their side. Looking out for them. Working with them. Helping them succeed.

Good business is not just margin. It's the relationships you cultivate, build and protect. It's all good when it's all good. But it's how people behave when things aren't quite so good that truly defines us. Fifteen years taking care of cancer patients certainly defined how our team works to provide care to all of our clients.

Always straight-forward, fair and self-explanatory pricing.

We don't charge per-text fees. We don't charge per-minute or per-call fees. We don't charge per-social-post fees. We don't have hidden fees that will pop up next month for something you didn't even know you did last month. Our pricing is based on what we call “modalities” that you choose to include in your platform.

Things like SMS. MMS. Short code traffic. Inbound ACD. Outbound predictive dialers. Interpretive AI. PBX systems. Transcription. Facebook messaging. LinkedIn. Slack. WhatsApp. SalesForce. Hubspot. Yes, of course there is a projected usage envelope, but we'll work together to make sure your plan fits both your needs and your budget. We promise. And you can scale up or scale back any time without the worry of contract handcuffs. Because nobody likes contract handcuffs.

Products that work your way, on your devices.

PCs. Macs. iPhones. Android phones. iPads. Chromebooks. Thin clients. Raspberry PIs. Voice. Text. Messengers like Facebook and Linked In. Web chat. We could go on and on. And there'll be something new tomorrow that you need to understand.

Your clients want to talk to you on their device and in their way. You want to capture and respond on your devices in the way that is most efficient for you. No longer tied to desks, your salespeople have the full power of the Engage Platform on their phones. No longer stuck in a seat on the podium, your contact center managers can roam and interact directly with your agents. No longer stuck at your computer, you glide into the local coffee shop or pub... crack open an iPad and manage your communications. Responding to clients never tasted so good.

And with configurable levels of security, we can go from reasonably secure to twice-encrypted (including at rest) HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified, world-class, medical grade lock down that'll help your IT, security and privacy teams sleep more comfortably. Something we're particularly good at.

World class, medical grade security and infrastructure

Whether you're a large RadOnc in the eastern corridor, a small pizza franchise in the midwest plains, a nationwide mortgage provider, a real estate agent in Phoenix or a little league team in southern California, your information is isolated in a private silo, protected by Iron Medical Systems world class, HITRUST certified, purpose built, private medical-grade cloud. Your information is never co-mingled or co-tenanted with any other client's information or systems. Our data integrity and 5-layer backup/archive systems ensures that your data is always available and protected.

AI-driven decision support and actionable intelligence via ground breaking analytics

Most platforms will tell you how many times you texted someone. Some might even tell you if they clicked on your website afterward. Yes, we can do all of that as well. But with products like FoxieFeedback, you can convert what people are saying about you into researchable, graphical analytics. With our proprietary Interpretive AI and Big Data Tunnel, you can finally visualize what people have to say about your brand. Products. Service. Understand what they want from you. Find and exploit the high points, identify and correct the lows. It's actually kind of magical.

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