Your customers want to talk. Both to you and about you. Are you responding?

Facebook. Instagram. WebChat. Text. Yelp. You name it. Everyone has their favorite way of communicating today. Do you have the staff and time to monitor all the channels and be there when they reach out?

Man using universal inbox to answer texts and receive notifications

Need numbers? How about these...


Response from messaging, as opposed to 6% from email 1

90 secs

Average response time from millennials 2


Consumers wishing they could text a business 3


Appointments kept after a reminder text 4

Universal inbox getting notifications and messages from multiple sources


Everything, from everywhere.
In one convenient place.

Imagine messages, posts, reviews, tickets, notifications and alerts from your website, social sites, review sites, texts, voicemails and even proprietary systems showing up in a single, unified inbox. Then imagine you or any member of your team responding, right there from that same inbox. Welcome to FoxieEngage.

Solve These Problems
  • Needing to monitor multiple social and review sites
  • Responding to everyone quickly and personally
  • Knowing when someone is reaching out
Diagram showing messages being responded to automatically


Respond intelligently.
Not artificially.

Chatbots are everywhere. And everyone knows they're talking to a machine, not a person. But real business is done with real relationships - and Chatbots can't do that. Enhance relationships with intelligent automations that increase customer engagement, rather than entrusting your brand to a software-based mimic. Level up with FoxieEngage.

Solve These Problems
  • Even when unavailable, be available.
  • Empower your team to respond as one.
  • Get alerted personally when situations demand.
A team member easily completing a goal


Turn your team into
communication superheroes.

If you have a chat box on your website, a Facebook or Instagram presence, or use texting to communicate with your customers, they expect you to respond when they reach out. This requires either a whole lot of expensive monitoring or some pretty powerful support systems. Forget monitoring and those FTEs. FoxieEngage will let you know when someone needs to respond.

Solve These Problems
  • Never knowing when a new review has dropped.
  • Having to staff a contact center, only to sit and wait.
  • Let team members respond to socials without giving them those credentials.

Take your business farther, faster.

From the ground up, FoxieEngage was built to give you capabilities that usually take either a lot of employees or expensive dedicated software systems. Sometimes both. Focus on engaging your customers without breaking the budget or burdening your enterprise with complex proprietary systems. Magical in capability yet ridiculously easy to use, FoxieEngage is your unified communication platform today and will grow into whatever you need tomorrow.

Brand Protection

Allow your team to respond to social messages without granting them access to those social platforms. Ensure that every message fits your brand personality and team members can't take advantage. Report on everything said between your team and the outside world.

Privacy & Security

Originally built to support medical facilities and patient records, FoxieEngage operates on a HITRUST certified cloud with the highest level of infrastructure security and customer privacy.

Built to Grow With You

FoxieEngage has customers delivering from a single message per month all the way up to 35 million a day. With APIs and customized integrations, Engage can evolve into the most demanding of custom situations.

Ultimately Customizable

From your personal preferences to entire white-box and deeply integrated solutions, FoxieEngage can look and work in the way that's best for you and your organization.

Relax - we've got you covered

White glove service and support from an experienced, all U.S. based team of experts. We know some of this stuff can be complicated - we'll take you through it all.

Build a Community

Don't let your impressive contact list sit unused. Get the word out with easy to set up broadcasts that grab attention with events, updates, and action.

“The task of communicating with 100+ parents about their students was daunting to try and manage on my phone. FoxieEngage made everything simpler, faster, and easier to keep track of.”

Max Roach


Rivermont Collegiate

Integrates with the platforms you already use to make them better.

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