Our flagship platform for small to medium sized businesses, FoxieEngage is a communications powerhouse. Supercharging customer engagement for real estate agents, insurance agents, franchisors, mortgage companies and debt service groups, FoxieEngage is tailored specifically to YOUR business, to your structure, your needs, protocols and business objectives. Let your clients and customers contact and interact with you in the ways that they feel most comfortable, while managing and responding from a single, unified environment that works the way you want.

Foxie Healthcare

Deepen engagement and communication between your staff, patients and caregivers, while protecting each of their privacy. Powered by the Iron Medical Systems HITRUST certified private medical cloud, Foxie Healthcare was built on two decades of experience with radiation and medical oncology, radiology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine and most recently, concierge medicine.

Foxie Healthcare is designed to increase efficiency while decreasing complexity. There was a cancellation and you can take a patient early? Text them to see if they can make it. Want to support caregivers by letting them know when their family member is out of the chemo-chair? One button and automated notifications. Problems in the vault and the Linac will be down for 45 minutes? Tell all the patients scheduled for today that the center’s running late. Patients text at 3:00 am that need to at least know they'll get an answer tomorrow morning? Automatic, smart responses.

Answer their questions when they need support. Be there for them when they need you because they’re under enough stress as it is. We can help, without risking your patient or practice’s privacy – or an already burdened bottom line.

Foxie Education

It’s rather amazing how many educators are part of Foxie and the Foxie team’s families. From Ph.D.s in educational administration to lifelong elementary school teachers, education is one of our passions and philosophical antecedents. Which is why, when chief architect Noah Hinrichs suggested a specialized suite tailored to the needs of forward-looking schools and academies, we jumped at the opportunity.

Partnered for development with one of the most prestigious collegiates in the midwest, Foxie Education provides the communication platform schools dream of - combined with tools like attendance, grading and monitoring student challenges that schools require - at price points that are upending the stodgy, bloated and expensive platforms of the past.

Foxie Community

Built for small groups of people associated around a common interest, Foxie Community has been used by youth sports teams, parent-teacher associations, homeowner associations (HOAs) and even martial arts clubs.

Community provides optional tools like ticket systems and project planning to help small communities grow and manage the needs of their constituents. Community is also Foxie’s way of giving back; groups like Amanda Hope in Phoenix, Arizona, get tools, messaging and our amazing white glove service without paying a cent. Ever. Because groups helping little superheroes fight their cancer is a team we can really get behind.

Foxie Family

With our lowest price point and simplest design, Foxie Family is essentially the scaled down and personal version of FoxieEngage. It was born from real-world need; when our COO had her hips replaced, her husband (and our CEO) needed to update about 100 friends and family members in a variety of modalities (SMS, voice message, email, Facebook) and looked to our tools to create a low-cost, easy to use solution to pass on good news when she was out of surgery.

Pro tip: Using the "Default Modality" option, messages go out to the family and friends in the way that THEY want to get it. Imagine dialing a number and recording a message. It's sent to people that want a voice mail as is. But then it's transcribed and delivered via email, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp to everyone else based on what each contact needs. Automatically. And when they respond, it's all in the Foxie Unified Inbox for easy reponding and notification. Yep, pretty magical.

Foxie Enterprise

As you've probably ascertained, our mission is your success. So when there's something important to your company that doesn't exist yet, we can build it and integrate it directly into the FoxieEngage platform - faster than you can imagine and at price points that will blow you away.

So when our preconfigured solutions are not enough, or when groups need hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of personal and/or group access points, contact centers, support centers and sales teams, our Infinitely Deep & Infinitely Wide℠ architecture allows us to create deeply custom, hierarchical communication and data privilege schemes that map directly against your organizational structures and needs. Bespoke solutions at a fraction of what you’d expect.

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